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Sapere aude - dare to be wise
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Wastefulness at the law school?
Posted 1:47 PM by Luke
This was sent to me by an IU law student with the request that I post it:

So I check my mailbox, (you know, that one on your way in that's always full of random advertising), and I'm greeted by 6 or 7 colorful pieces of paper. Then I start reading. The first one is fine: it lists the activities for an event. I go on to find that in addition to the first page, an additional piece of paper is added with the SAME EXACT INFORMATION PRINTED ON IT (albeit, in a bigger font size) AS THE FIRST SCHEDULE FOR EVERY EVENT SCHEDULED. So I add things up, 6 pieces of paper multiplied by the roughly 300 students in this law school= 1800 flyers for the SAME EVENT. 1800. That's practically a full ream of paper. ALL the information given on the subsequent sheets is EXACTLY the same as the first list.

Now, I applaud the organization's efforts to get the word out about events (especially this one, which is of great importance to the law school), but is this really an effective means of communication?? What does this say about our school's position on resource conservation?? Not to mention the inefficient use of monetary resources considering all the focus on budget woes!!! Albeit some of the flyers come from non-IU-Indy organizations (such as Bar Review classes), the school should be the first to set an example.

In addition to this particular incident, I'm astonished by the lack of this school's embrace of resource conservation in general. Ok, so I know you all think you have to be some sort of tree-hugging, Birkenstock wearing-hippie in order to care about the Environment, but there are recycling bins RIGHT NEXT TO most of the garbage cans in the school. I watch EVERY DAY as students read their newspapers and drink their beverages only to throw them in the garbage cans that are literally INCHES away from the HUGE bins that say "Paper", "Plastic" and "Aluminum." I don't understand whether it is apathy or just plain laziness that drives these habits. I also watch as the school's janitorial staff takes recyclable materials out of the bins and deposit them into the trash. I appreciate the janitorial staff's diligent efforts to keep the law school clean, but this is just getting out of hand. The school gets MONEY for its recycled products! This isn't just a waste of time!

Alright, that's enough ranting, but next time you have to throw something away, do everyone a favor and move the additional 6 inches and throw your newspapers, magazines, flyers, and beverage containers in the Recycling bins.


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